Confessions of a Pilates Instructor’s Husband – Part 3

Stephen's Hamstring Stretch

Making Progress

I am now 2 weeks into my challenge and I have to admit that I am almost enjoying it.  The best thing is that I am starting to see some genuine progress.  The latest improvement that I have noticed is in how I now stand up after sitting down for any length of time.

Let me explain – For as long as I can remember I have likened myself to an Olympic sprinter.  Now, I am by no means lightening quick out the blocks (shock horror) – the similarity is that like a sprinter slowly rising out of their blocks it usually takes me about 5 steps before I straighten up and get into my stride.  My technique however isn’t by choice as my lower back likes to take its time before it allows me to stand tall.

I have definitely improved in this respect since my new exercise routines have started to take effect.

Pilates Pain

I mentioned in my previous blog that I was going to the “Power Pilates” class at Jill’s studio on Friday night and that I felt that it would either make me or break me.  Well, I can officially announce that it broke me! 

The class itself was fine as the good thing about Pilates is that nearly all of the exercises have different levels of difficulty so that people of all abilities can join in.  Once you’ve got the basic level cracked you can start to challenge yourself more and more until you reach Ninja level.

As you can probably guess I was very much at beginner level for all the exercises and I felt pretty good at the end of the class, however, I woke around 3am that night and when I tried to get out of bed I nearly fell over.

My legs had decided they had done more than enough work for one day had gone on strike and stopped working.  I spent all Saturday walking around like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz much to the amusement of Jill who I was now seeing as the evil, sadistic monster that she really is.

I know from past experience that when you start training after a period of inactivity and stiffness sets in then the second day is often worse than the first.  I therefore awoke with trepidation on Sunday morning expecting a whole world of pain but to my surprise I felt great.  All of the stiffness from the previous day had gone and I felt like my hip mobility had improved slightly again judging by my performance when putting on my socks.

Listen Carefully

I will go to the class again this Friday and hopefully my body won’t go into shock this time.  I will also listen far more carefully to Jill as last week when doing the 90/90 stretch Jill said “Stephen, you will need to get your blocks out for this exercise.”  I must admit that I heard the word “blocks” very differently in my head and thought it a strange instruction, especially as I was the only man in the class and it was the first time I had met many of the ladies.  It’s amazing the difference two letters can make.

Thankfully Jill stopped me in my tracks before I carried out her instructions to the full.

Onwards and upwards!!

If you are like Stephen and are fed up with the pain and want to do something about it then Contact Us.

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