Will I lose weight practicing Pilates?

Pilates is for everyone!

‘Pilates is just stretching on a mat, will I lose weight doing it…’

Pilates is for everyone!
Pilates is for everyone! Well maybe not dogs!

This is a question that I get asked ALL the time.

It’s like people don’t feel that unless they’re sweating their chuff off in a High Intensity class, or running 15 miles at the speed of Mo Farrar, that they’re going to lose any weight.

People have this preconception that Pilates is just lying on a mat doing gentle stretches (well they’ve never been to any of my classes then!).  I often get people surprised at just how strenuous it is.

Joseph Pilates himself was a boxer and a gymnast, and if you see any of the old footage of him training his clients – my classes will seem quite gentle in comparision!

So let’s get back to the question, will you lose weight?

Well the answer is yes and no.

It depends upon how you measure weight loss.  If you measure weight loss by an arbitrary number on your bathroom scales, then the likelihood is that you’ll not see the numbers go down that dramatically.

But if you measure your weight loss through your measurements, and whether your clothes fit snugly or not, then you will definitely feel the difference.

I’ve trained countless clients who’s original goal was to lose weight, and although they didn’t lose significant amounts of weight they definitely lost fat, and could fit into their clothes much better.  Plus the benefits that they felt from regular Pilates practice, far exceeded their expectations.

Who wouldn’t want to feel stronger, not have to dash off to the loo at the first signal, improved posture (giving a look of bigger boobs – lots of my clients are often asked if they’ve had a boob job), the ability to move better, freeing themselves from pain…and most importantly – FEELING AWESOME!

The mental health benefits of Pilates are amazing.

This is because it’s a ‘mindful’ exercise system. Focusing upon your breathing and what muscles should be switched on and which one switched off, means that you don’t have time to think about anything or anyone else.  That person that really annoyed you at work today, or the fact that you have a million things to do… all pale into insignificance once you get to your mat – you literally leave the baggage at the door.

Although you may not be getting a ‘cardiovascular’ workout when you’re practicing Pilates, you will build muscle, which in turn requires more energy to function.  This means that you can eat the same stuff, but your body naturally requires more energy to function, therefore your body will draw upon its reserves of stored energy (fat!).

I hope that I’ve convinced you to give Pilates a try?

Pilates is for everyone (but maybe not for dogs)!

If you’d like to come to classes then you can book here.

Jill x


Not all Pilates classes are the same, or all teachers the same! 

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