The Real Reason We Do Pilates – My Thoughts from Walking on an Ice Path

Walking on Ice

Walking on ice


Physical fitness can neither be be acquired by wishful thinking nor by outright purchase” Joseph Pilates

The Ice Path
Dare You Walk on Sheet Ice?

This morning I took my dog for a walk, it was a typical cold January morning, the day after our prime minister announced the third lockdown. The ground was frozen, the ice cracked under my feet, and even my very surefooted dog was sliding around like Bambi.

Everyone I met on the path mentioned that they’d nearly slid over, or that they were scared and hated walking on the ice. My dad has recently slipped on ice, banging his head and ending up in A&E, so it’s a terrifying thing.

It got me thinking about life and how grateful I am that I can walk confidently on ice. It’s not by chance that I feel able to walk on ice, it’s not something that I relish, but I’m not fearful of it.

Then it made me realise that maybe by being fearful of it, do you make it worse?

Is it the fear of slipping on the ice the thing that causes you to fall?

That then got me thinking about our current circumstances with the virus; everyone is so scared right now about the new variant and the ‘R’ rated – and there are some awful stories, I know people who’ve had Covid and I know people who’ve died from it. But, living in fear, is that a way to live your life?

I have some profound thoughts on my morning walks!

Then I got to thinking about what Joe Pilates said about physical fitness not being something that you’re able to be purchased – you have to work for it. Pilates gives us so much; what you learn on the mat is just a small percentage of what Pilates gives you. The ability to be confident in your own body is immeasurable;

Through Pilates, you first purposefully acquire complete control of you own body and then through proper repetition of its exercises you gradually and progressively acquire that natural rhythm and coordination associated with all your subconscious activities.

And, that’s it, in every class that I teach we work on;

*Mobility of joints

*Strength of muscles

* Coordination of movements

*Control of movements

*Precision of movement


All of these things are not about looking great on a photo doing an impressive side plank on a beach. Being able to go through your everyday activities, confident in your body’s abilities is much more critical. Your ability keep your muscles and bones strong enough so that, you don’t have to rely on other people to get your shopping, lift you out of the chair or get you out of bed in the future.

That is the real reason we do Pilates.

Jill x


I don’t recommend you give this a try! Pilates – yes, walking on ice – no!

Walking on Ice
Walking on ice

If you’d like to give Pilates a try, then my classes are all currently online, all you’ll need is Zoom on a device, a mat and space. You can find and book classes here, you can buy class passes in the Shop section here.






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