*New Program & Send Your Heart Some Love*

PIlates for Menopause

Happy Valentines Day – sending lots of love your way.

Let me show you how to give your body, mind and spirit lots of love this day (and every day, for that matter!).The power to transform your thoughts, actions and life, and it’s all there in the power of your breath.

Honestly, my Breathwork sessions are so powerful, people are surprised at how many shifts and downloads that they receive when you connect to your inner wise self. Our session that we had Wednesday gone, was so moving and so awakening – we all need to do and be this in our lives. We are human beings, not human doings.

How many times do you take time out to deeply connect with your heart Jill?

Well, on this day of love, I’d like you to breathe into your heart – put your hand on there, take some deep breathes and just say ‘thank you for always being there’.

If you’d like to do a full Breathwork session with me, then I’ve added another date (the 9th March is now full), you can book the 30th March session here. Our theme for the March sessions is ‘Let Our Light Shine’.


Finding Your Flow, Energy & Life Through Movement, Mindfulness & Meditation

This is an entry level movement program, but those of you who are more advanced will still benefit from the mindfulness, breathing and meditation, as well as the freeing and releasing movements. It’s perfect for returning to fitness, releasing pain or if you want to de-stress.

Starting in March – Thursdays 6pm – 7pm.

To find out more head to my website


This has been just an awesome program – 4-Weeks to learn how lifestyle can improve your peri-post menopause symptoms. We cover bone health, muscle health, core, pelvic floor and so much more!

I’m going to run it again. It’s fully online – so you can catch up anytime, anywhere and there’s a lovely support group on Facebook.

If you’d like to sign up for the next one, here’s the link and more info

Earlybird offer on until Sunday 20th.

**MONDAY CLASS – NEW TIME – 6pm** – Just a reminder! 🙂

I’m running classes all through half term – so no excuses to stop 😀 – on a mission now!

Jill x


New clothing line is launching 1st March – so keep your eyes peeled – there’ll be a launch offer discount too.


Classes are very busy atm – please remember I have a 24hr cancellation policy for all studio classes, and breathing sessions.


PODCAST is now back – you can access via Spotify, iTunes, Ask Alexa or Podbean. Our latest episode is our second instalment of our review of Dr Jordan Peterson’s ’12 Rules of Life’. Access here.

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