Finding Your Flow – And Other News

Find Your Flow

Good morning – hope you are well today.

This weekend has been lovely – Dawn ran a Breathwork session at the studio, and I spent a beautiful hour floating around the universe :D. It was nice to be an attendee at one, rather than a facilitator.

It did reaffirm how amazing these sessions are. And I spent yesterday, still absolutely chilled out.

All the dates for future ones are on my website.

In February, I introduced my ‘Find Your Flow’ Program – which is a 5 week program of really slowing down the moves, adding in more breathing and a lush meditation at the end. We’ve now almost completed the course, and I’ve decided to run another.

It’s an entry level program – so anyone can do it, but it’s also great for regulars and it gives you time to really tune in, it feels different to a regular Pilates class. I love teaching it, so that’s why I’ve decided to do another.

We start at the end of April, Thursdays 6pm, in the studio, online or via a recording which you have access to for 7 days.

Book Here – the Earlybird offer finishes at the weekend.

Flatten Your Abs – my 21 Day Online nutrition, workouts and health program starts today – everyone is raring to go, can’t wait to see how everyone gets on.

Podcast – Today’s topic is a good one, how to get into ‘Flow’ state. Since practicing Breathwork I’ve noticed I can get into flow state much easier, so find out what it is and how to get into it here.

Monday Class – class tonight is cancelled as I’m off to Newcastle to see Russell Brand – he’s one of my all time favourites.

Have a great week everyone.

Big Love

Jill x

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