What Does Breathwork Do For You? Here’s What It’s Done For Me

How Can Breathwork Improve My Life?

As you know, I’m currently nearing the end of my ‘Breathwork Facilitator training, and I’m enjoying it immensely.

As part of a challenge, we had to practice Conscious Connected Breath (CCB) every day for 14 Days, with no music, just me and my breath for half an hour.

Here’s what I learned from it;

  1. It is intense! Sitting on your own for 30 minutes, focusing purely on your breath, is much more challenging than you think!
  2. I hate it for the first 10 mins. It’s like exercising, running, anything – for the first 10 minutes, you have to keep pushing yourself.
  3. My mind plays tricks on me. The inner voice that wants you to listen to it is persistent; it’s consistent and wants you to be distracted.
  4. I’m so easy to distract.
  5. Thirty minutes feel like a lifetime.

Like anything in life, if it were easy, we’d all be doing it. Here’s what I’ve noticed about my life since I began the challenge;

  1. I’m calmer. Much calmer – we’re in the middle of getting our bathroom refitted, so I have workmen, dust, and noise – but I’m still managing to get so much done.
  2. I’ve not got that – oh did I upset someone? Oh, you shouldn’t have said that. You know, those thoughts that are constantly whirling around. I’ve now become more of I don’t give a monkey what others are thinking or doing! Which is very liberating.
  3. Sleep – I’m sleeping like a log. My sleep is deep, the type you feel good when you wake up. 
  4. I’m still alcohol-free, and I’m confident that the CCB that I’ve been doing for the past year has strengthened my resolve, made me focus on what’s important, and convinced me that I need to remove things that are no longer serving me. Never before have I been able to last this long without a glass of vino. 
  5. I’m flowing in my life and business, and I love it.

The other day, my son commented that I was hard to distract. This ability to focus entirely on a task until fruition was something I could do well in my teens and twenties, started to wain in my 30s and utterly vanished in my 40s. I’m hopeful that in my 50th revolution around the sun, I can keep my newfound focus; it’s a superpower!

All this from my breath. Who knew that this was possible? We all do it every day, usually without even thinking about it. But, it’s powerful, much more powerful than you can ever imagine.

Do you want to learn how to unlock the power of your breath? Then you can either download my free ebook or join us for our regular Breathwork Sessions in my studio.

Deep Breaths

Jill x

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