Where Does Fat Go? And New Clothing Range

The Blue Range

I am writing this to you this morning from the middle of a building site that is my house. We’re currently in the middle of getting our bathroom refurbished and the house is full of dust, noise and workmen.

All new creation requires a bit of disruption, right?

And, my new bathroom is going to be amazing, I just have to keep focused on the end goal!

My breathwork training is coming in so useful! 😀

Where does fat go?

We all want to ‘burn’ off some fat, right? But have you ever wondered about where that fat goes? Sweat, poo, wee? None of those things! It’s actually an amazing process and once you understand how your body gets rid of it, you can understand how to focus your energy on doing the things that will maximise that fat loss return.

Dan and I did a whole podcast episode on it on our ‘The Super-Natural Podcast’ – it’s a good one. You can listen here.

New Clothing Range

I’ve added a whole new range of leggings, hoodies and vest tops to my clothing range. All high quality, affordable and funky wear. One of my clients said they were better than ‘M&S’ – so that’s a good endorsement. I’ve also added a range of colours too.

You can view the new range here

And, if you use the code ‘New10’ you’ll get 10% discount on all the new range valid until 14th May.

See below for the ‘Pink’ Range and the ‘Blue’ Range.

'Pink Range'
The ‘Pink’ Range – leggings, vest and hoodie
The 'Blue' Range
The ‘Blue’ Range – leggings, vest and hoodie

Breathwork Sessions

Bloomin love the Breathwork sessions, I’m sure that you’re aware of that by now.

The next one on the 18th May is full, but there are a few spaces left for the one after on 8th June.

Here’s the link to book

Exciting news!

Dawn and I are going to be hosting a ‘Charity Breathwork Session’ on Saturday 18th June, at ‘Active Life @Coxhoe’, 1-3pm. It’s going to be a fabulous event where we’ll gather, breath and raise our vibration all for a good cause (‘Henry Dancer Days’ a local childhood cancer charity’).

It’s going to be a fab, fun and uplifting afternoon all for a great cause. So if you’d like to book your space, it’s only £5 and then you can donate whatever you wish to the cause.

Here’s the link to book with all the details

Have a great week everyone!

Jill x


If you haven’t already, then download my free ebook , and you’ll get added to my monthly breathwork newsletter. I’m going to be starting monthly online breathwork sessions soon, once the bathroom is finished!

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