Boost Your Life – 7-Day Breathwork, Nutrition & Health Challenge

Boost Your Life Challenge

Breathwork has transformed my life and I just want to spread the word how amazing it is. Of course, I’m also an holistic health coach, so I like to include everything into my programs. You can’t have one healthy body without another – so this is going to be a truly mind, body and spirit program.

Everyday at 6.30am (don’t worry they will be recorded too), we’ll meet live online to have a 30 min Conscious Connected Breathwork session. You’ll also receive a recipe and nutrition program to run alongside, and of course. I’ll be giving you challenges everyday to improve your overall health and wellness.

Starting 6th June 2022


Here’s how the program will run;

Day 1 – Breathing into Your Power – we’ll be breathing live into your vision, setting your mantra for the week ahead, visualising what you want to achieve and how you’re going to bring in what you need to do it.

Day 2 – Breathing into Your Best Self – we’ll be breathing into what is no longer serving us, and letting go of a few habits that we no longer need.

Day 3 – Breathing into Your Wise Self – we’ll be exploring how we can connect more with the breath to our wise self. To do this we need to switch off the chatter of the monkey mind, and we’ll be accessing how we can best do this throughout the day.

Day 4 – Breathing into Sleep – this will be a later session (8pm), and we’ll be practicing a breathing and meditation exercise to help you sleep.

Day 5 – Breathing into Our Future Self – our future self is so happy and healthy, we’ll be breathing into how we can get our present self making the changes necessary right now.

Day 6 – Breathing into Our Energy – we’ll be breathing into what blocks us, and how we can gently move through those blocks.

Day 7 – Breathing into the Vision – what’s our vision for the future, how can we harness all of our power to get there.

What you will receive;

*Everyday we’ll have live Breathwork session on Zoom – sessions will be recorded so that you can catch up if required.

*A Facebook support group, so that we can chat and support each other

*A recipe pack and shopping list – nutrition is a big part of a healthy body, mind and soul

*Some pre-course work around journalling and mantra’s to enhance your week.

*Some pre-recorded videos on lung stretching, and all over body stretching so that you can get the full experience.

Sound good?


Let’s do this.

Boost Your Life Challenge
Boost Your Life Challenge

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