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Breathwork Facilitator Training

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Just a quick update from me, I am heading off to Waterloo next week with my dad, so the classes will not run on the following dates – 21st, 22nd and 24th June – I’ll update my website now.

‘Wisdom Well’ is going great guns, tonight we have our masterclass all about Ultra Processed Foods, and invoking the Medicine Woman archetype. We’re combining science and mysticism to create a fully ‘everything’ program. I’ll be opening the doors again soon for the ‘Summer Season’, so watch this space!

My new website for housing Wisdom Well should be ready soon, too.

I honestly believe that this is my life mission! Wisdom Well is everything that I practice and preach – it’s body, mind and soul! You REALLY need to be in it if you want true health and embodiment.

The doors will reopen in July so watch this space, you really don’t want to miss out.

Breathwork Facilitator Training

Do you want to learn more about Breathwork and its transformative powers?

Do you want to learn how to become an amazing facilitator of group breathwork sessions, 1-2-1 sessions both in-person and online?

Do you want to learn about conscious connected breathwork, functional breathing, anatomy of breath, trauma and the breath, plus the history, the spirituality and everything breath related?

I’m super excited to be able to offer the fabulous course with ‘Breathing Space’.

Starting in September I am going to be running an in-person group facilitator training course. You will get hands on practice in a safe space at my beautiful studio in Durham.

I’ll be teaching and guiding you through all the aspects in a fully comprehensive, 400-hour course that covers the practical, theoretical and transformative powers of the breath.

This is a life changing course, and one of the very few that is accredited by the ‘Global Breathwork Alliance’.

You will learn who to safely hold space and circles, teach online and in-person, group and 1-2-1 settings. You’ll also finish with full knowledge of the history, all methods of Breathwork and how to weave the spiritual through your Breathwork sessions.

This will be an in-person course (the only one in north east, only one I know of anyway! 🤩), held in my beautiful studio in County Durham.

Starting September for 10 months.

Investment is £3750 monthly payment plan available , or 10% discount if paid in full.

If you’d like to read the course outline (and it’s really amazing!) then you can find more info and download it from this page on my website –


This course is an investment in yourself, your business and your life! It’s a great addition if you’re already have a coaching, sound therapy or yoga/pilates business and it so easily blends with so many modalities.

That’s all from me – see you on the mat soon!

Jill x


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