The Super-Natural Podcast

Did you know that Jill, along with her friend, trainer and fellow CHEK Practitioner, Dan, run a rather marvellous Podcast? It’s about all things health, wellness and becoming ‘super natural’. They talk about their favourite topics whilst giving you plenty of takeaways, lifestyle hacks and the best north eastern banter thrown in. If you want to learn more about getting healthier in your body, mind and spirit then listen in for top tips and life hacks. If you enjoy it then please leave us a review.

Weekly episodes!

A podcast related to all things health, fitness and wellness. We’ll help you free yourself from chemicals, tune into your body and you can become ‘super-natural’ too.

New episodes every Monday – with loads of top tips to help you grow along the way.

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Great Podcast, so easy to listen to, informative, interesting and made me chuckle at times too. Loved the Quotes episode.

Tricke Vee

6 Part Mini-Series on the Foundation Principles

SBWH Mini Series Part 1/6 – Thinking

Today’s episode marks the first of a 6-Part Mini Series in which we discuss the foundation principles which are vital to staying healthy.

A new episode will be released each day this week and our first topic is THINKING.

Becoming aware of our dominant thoughts is essential for our mental (and physical) well being. Once we calm our racing minds we can begin to get rid of those junk thoughts which don’t serve us and replace them with more positive ones which will help us move towards our dreams.

We hope you enjoy this first edition of the mini series and if you’re a fan of Jesus, you’re in for a treat!

Enjoy, #passthepod, spread the love, peace.

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Podcast Feedback

 I love this podcast. It is warm and relaxed and full of useful advice and suggestions on dealing with our sometimes chaotic lives. ❤️


Great listen. Love the way the two presenters bounce off each other and have a laugh while delivering important messages.


Jill and Dan decipher the trips and potential hazards along the way of running a small business while also keeping an eye on holistic health, which often leads to success in both. Keeps you thinking while also having a laugh and giggle along the way. Keep up the good work guys.


Well done for doing this. Enjoying your ‘craic’ and musings.


Great introduction. Really looking forward to hearing Jill and Dan’s musings in the future.


The amount of lightbulbs that went off in my head after only the first full episode is amazing. Really enjoyed it and looking forward to more episode…enter the cave.


Awesome podcast can’t wait for the next episodes.


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