*Breathwork Session – Sleep Special*

Breathwork Session in the Studio
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Date(s) - 08/02/2023
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



Discover the Power of Your Breath

Join us for a magical journey into your psyche via the power of your breath.

Using specific breathing techniques you’ll be able to calm your mind, connect to your source and feel a sense of deep peace. Our breathwork sessions include a 15/20 min meditation with a 30 min Conscious Connected Breathe, plus a sharing circle.

This special session will be focused upon Sleep, and how to get more of it!

One in seven (14 per cent) Brits survive on dangerously low levels of sleep a night, under five hours. Nearly three quarters (71 per cent) of UK adults do not have the recommended seven to nine hours’ sleep a night. Poor sleep is closely linked with conditions such as cardiac problems, dementia, and diabetes

A sleep problem is usually a breath problem – the two are closely linked. In this 2-hour workshop we’ll be looking a ways to improve your breathing, ways in which you can access your breathing to calm anxiety and we’ll have a 30 min Conscious Connected Breathwork session to help access any deep underlying stress. Once we bring awareness to it, we can release it.


Breathwork Session in the Studio

Breathwork Session in the Studio


What is Conscious Connected Breathwork?

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a method of using the breath to create an altered state of consciousness, where deep healing, release, spiritual insights, and states of bliss can occur. It’s a powerful process, but the breather always remains in control of their own journey and rate of breathing.

Benefits of CCB are;

  • Breath is very detoxifying, you actually breathe out fat
  •  Increases energy
  • Calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety
  • Releases muscle tension
  •  Improves digestion
  •  Improves cardiovascular & lungs
  • Helps open up to a higher awareness


You will need to bring a blanket, pillow or cushion, water and a notepad and pen.



Cancellation Policy – Due to the nature of this workshop once you are booked there will be no refunds or reschedules. I am happy for you to find a replacement person, just let me know in advance.

Download Jill’s Free Ebook Here


Free Ebook
Download Jill’s Free Ebook Here



This event is fully booked.

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