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Alcohol Freedom Posture Project

Improve Your Posture in 6 Weeks

Introducing my Brand New ‘Posture Project’

In this 6-Week Specially Designed Course – you will learn about your own body, where you are strong, where you are weak and how to improve your posture.

If a bicycle wheel is out of balance and you take the bike out for a ride, chances are the bicycle won’t handle well. The stress of riding on a crooked wheel could cause the wheel to fall apart.

Paul Chek Posture Project

6-Week Course Specially Designed to improve your posture Posture Project

As we’ve come out of various lockdowns’ I’ve noticed that my class participant’s posture has declined significantly. Working from home, the stress of everything going on in the world and generally becoming more sedentary has really impacted our posture. And, just like that bicycle wheel, when you try to get back to ‘normal service’ you’re in for a bumpy ride.

Bad posture can lead to neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, digestive problems, breathing problems and back pain, as well as affecting your mental and emotional health.

‘Your posture is your antenna to receive positive energy’

This 6-Week course is designed to use the Pilates Method to improve your posture, enhance your breathing and give yourself a powerful kickstart into getting back into being an active participant in your own life. Posture Project

Take back control of your own health and start to feel so much better about yourself.

Here’s some of the reasons you’re not going to want to miss this course;

  • It’s going to be quick acting – you’ll start to feel taller, stronger and more mobile much quicker than taking any pill
  • It’s very safe and VERY effective.
  • We’ll be using key movements that I’ve learned by teaching fitness for over 25 years – I’ll be bring the most efficient training methods directly to you
  • You will become more aware of YOUR body and where your areas of weakness and tightness are, and how to fix them.
  • You will feel rejuvenated and better able to cope with stress.

Having taught in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years and ran my own Pilates studio for 6 years – I know that this stuff really works!

We’ll be re-educating your body to move, getting the lumbar lubricated and bringing the balance back into your life. I’ll also be showing you exactly what moves you need to do after a day working from home, the perfect ‘Anti-Desk’ movements. Posture Project

Your Posture Pack

Included in the cost of this course is your ‘Posture Pack’ for you to take home and continue with your practice;

  • Swiss Ball
  • Activation Band
  • Bender Ball
  • Pilates Block
  • Massage Ball

Plus a full workbook so you can record your own progress, homework videos, full stretch assessment videos, I’ll also record each session and you’ll have lifetime access to it – if you have to miss any sessions you’ll be able to either join online or catch up via recording Posture Project

I only have 10 studio spaces available, but I’ll also open it to online participants too (please indicate if you’re going to be joining online at time of booking, and message me your address so I can send your ‘Posture Pack’ to you).

This course is suitable for all levels, ideal if you’re a beginner or more advanced because we’ll be identifying the areas in your body that need stretching, strengthening or toning. Posture Project

Here’s what our clients are saying

Just completed week 3 of the Posture Project and the difference is amazing. I have suffered from lower back pain for ages, and it’s just been getting worse. I tried the physio, i tried the doctors, i tried the creams and it was beginning to look like a fact if life. Thinking it might be posture I gave Jill’s course ago. By the end of week 2 my back pain had all but gone, my posture is improving and I feel great. I tried the odd class before but this is much better, its a program, a means to and end that’s fun and informative and you get loads of goodies to help you on your way. Lovin it!

Steve Posture Project

I’’m just loving the posture project – thank you so much. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy your teaching.

Kate Posture Project

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for setting this up. I really enjoyed the first session – it made me think about how I use (or misuse!) my body and how important it is to do what’s best for your posture type. I’m definitely the round shouldered one and was horrified when I tried the sideways photo – even though I was loosened up from doing the class and was trying to stand up straight! It was eye opening to hear what you said about the breathing problems and tiredness – something I’d always blamed on my allergic rhinitis.

Alison Posture Project

Improve Your Posture in 6 Weeks

Sign up to this 6 week course, learn about your own body, where you are strong, where you are weak and how to improve your posture