About You

Why Would You Want to Practice Pilates With Me?

There are so many reasons why I want you to practice Pilates.

It’s so good for many reasons:

  • It will make you stronger
  • It will make you more flexible
  • It will give your more stability through your joints
  • It will improve your balance
  • It will help to relieve aches and pains
  • It will improve your posture
  • It’s kind to your joints
  • It will strengthen your bones
  • It will improve your breathing

It will help you with all of the above and many other things too.

Joseph Pilates himself said,

“The whole country, the whole world, should be doing my exercises. They’d be happier.”

Joseph Pilates

And it’s true – it really does make you happier.

Imagine being confident in your own body, that it your back isn’t going to ‘go’ whenever you bend over, or that you feel steady on your feet and are not worried about falling over anytime you go for a walk.

Why Should You Practice Pilates With Me?

I’m a woman obsessed with health, fitness and movement. If I’m not practicing myself, I’m teaching it or reading about it, or learning more about it. I particularly love all things hormones, women’s health and menopause related. I love understanding how the various hormones affect our body’s and how to keep ourselves fit and healthy as we enjoy (as that’s what it should be) the ageing process.

I’m also massively qualified (not one to blow my own trumpet), but I really am, I love learning – and all my lovely clients receive the benefits of my training.

What You Need to Do Now?

If you’ve done Pilates before, are relatively fit and don’t have any injuries or conditions then you’re free to come straight to classes. Just book on here.

If you’ve never done Pilates before or you’re got something that requires further discussion, then I recommend that you book a ‘Starter Package’ so that I can introduce you to the fundamentals prior to joining a class.