Events and Retreats

Come on an Adventure!

Jill regularly runs events and retreats both at her studio and in other venues near and far. She sometimes runs them herself or in collaboration with another practitioner.

These are great ways to take time out in a beautiful location and connect to other like-minded people. When you step out of your life, it gives you a chance to refocus and relax.

Regular ‘Gatherings’ in the Studio

These are 3-hour extravaganzas that Jill holds with her friend and Shamanic Practitioner, Dawn, together they weave Breathwork, journeying, drumming, cacao and ecstatic dance into a powerful event that will make you feel energised and alive.

We try to run them in tune with the wheel of the year at each Sabbat. The next one will be at the below link to book a space. Book the next Gathering here; Events and Retreats

Breathe Life Into Your Business

These are for you if you run your own business or are on a self-empowerment journey. Set in beautiful locations, you’ll connect with others and yourself. Combining business coaching and the power of Breathwork – you’ll be able to go deep into what matters around your life and your business.

To join the waiting list for the next retreat – sign up here;

Slaley Hall Retreat

Every year Jill runs her ‘Wild Woman’ Pilates and Breathwork retreat in the luxury of Slaley Hall. It’s a beautiful weekend of high vibes, nature, Breathwork, movement and pure indulgence. All your food is included, you get your own room (how many of these retreats offer this?!?), and you get full access to the spa and gym at Slaley.

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