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Remember your first day at school, when you turned up all enthusiastic but were a little bit worried if you’d make any friends, if you’d be able to do the work that the teacher set, if you would be able to find out where you needed to be…..?

All of these thoughts running through your head, and when you finally turned up you were absolutely fine and all your worries forgotten.

When you join us, we understand that you will have those same thoughts – will everyone be looking at me, will the instructor shout at me if I can’t do it, what happens if my body emits strange noises (as all body’s do!)…and the answer is always the same, NO!

You will wonder why you were worried, everyone is friendly, the venues are stunning (no cold, old dusty church halls for us) and the support you will receive is amazing.  You will be joining a bunch of inspirational, supportive and motivational ‘wellness warriors’ and so you will forget that you’re not meant to be enjoying exercise!

Pilates Durham and further afield

We have classes at our beautiful and peaceful studio in Langley Park, and you’re also able to join us from your own home via Zoom.

Plus, our brand new ‘Pilates on Demand‘ service means that if you can’t make the live class, you will receive a link to the class recording, you’ll have 7-Days in which to complete your workout. So if you know you can’t make a class you can still just book your space as normal and message or email us, and we’ll send the link

our classes organic pilates durham


You really should be doing Pilates, no really!  And not just any old Pilates, you really need to be doing Organic Pilates

We have all the usual stuff: –

  • Highly qualified instructors
  • Beautiful locations
  • Friendly and supportive groups

we have a massive dose of FUN.  

Our small classes will transform your thoughts about your body. You will learn how you should and could be moving.

We can teach you : –

  • How not to wet yourself when you laugh!
  • How to stand properly.
  • How to become aware of your body in space.

Most importantly you will begin to understand and respect your body for the amazing thing it is.

Pilates classes are very physical. We don’t just do gentle stretching classes. This is so you will feel your muscles working and you will ache the next day!  And no, before you ask, the classes are not just full of women, there’s men there too!

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Power Barre & Barre & Bells

This is Madonna’s favourite exercise program. Although she is 103 years old (well approximately) how AMAZING does her body look?  This is as you would expect from a fabulous age and gravity defying workout. It’s not easy but it’s worth it. If you want your body shape to be changed then this is the workout for you.  Personally my own body shape changed completely from Barre (where did I get that booty from). I Have witnessed this first had and I have also seen it transform the shape of many of my clients.

Do you want a proper workout that will leave you out of breath, sweating and wanting to kill the instructor?  Taking inspiration from Pilates, Yoga and Dance training – you will feel your muscles not only burning but screaming!  

Barre & Bells – incorporates all of the the above with the addition of Kettlebells. This is because Jill is a firm believer that women should be lifting weights to ensure that your muscles are kept strong.

The Barre & Bells class includes : –

  • Harnessing the power of kettlebell training.
  • The postural benefits of Barre training
  • A few dance moves thrown in too.

The Barre & Bells class is a brilliant class for women of all ages.

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Want to know what you’ll find in a Bootybarre Class?  Check out this video from its creator Tracy Mallett.

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