Your Body is Your Path to Wholeness

Your body reveals the story of your life. To be truly healthy includes not just the physical body, but the emotional, mental and spiritual too. We specialise in holistic wellness for the mid-life woman - body, mind and spirit. Join our Breathwork, Pilates or Strength Training classes, Women's Health Workshops and Retreats. Find your tribe, raise your vibration and start your healing journey.

Holding Space for Breathwork
Breathwork Training – Do You Want to Learn to Become A Breathwork Facilitator?

Do you want to learn more about Breathwork and its transformative powers? ​ Do you want to learn how to become an amazing facilitator of

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Buy 'The Embodied Core' Book
‘The Embodied Core’ – A Woman’s Guide to Easing Back & Pelvic Pain Naturally

“The Embodied Core” is a book that offers tried and tested techniques to get to the root cause of your pain. By strengthening your core muscles, taking control of your healing, and making small changes to your daily habits, you will experience a restored sense of vitality.

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Wisdom Well
The Wisdom Well

Are You Feeling Dried Out and Stuck In The Rat Race? Sign Up Now Do you feel that your life is slipping by, and you

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About Organic Pilates

Find out more about me and how I reclaimed and healed my own body, using my 'Organic Pilates Method'. And how I can teach you to do the same.

I was feeling the strains of hormonal changes too
About Me

  Where the hell did that come from…? I stared in the mirror, shocked, where was my tight young body, my toned abs, my bloomin

About Me
About You
About You

Why Would You Want to Practice Pilates With Me? There are so many reasons why I want you to practice Pilates. It’s so good for

About You
About Pilates & Holistic Health
About Pilates & Holistic Health

What exactly is Pilates, and what can it do for me? I get asked this a lot. Let me start at the very beginning. I

About Pilates & Holistic Health
The Embodied Core Book

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