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I have been using Archetypal and Goddess Energies for many years now – there’s even a whole chapter in my book ‘The Embodied Core’ about the archetypes.

This is in the realm of real ancient wisdom and power, the Goddess energies are true divine feminine power, and have been pushed aside and hidden. Tapping into these divine feminine energies allows us to connect with our inner strength, intuition, and creativity on a profound level.

🔮 Intuitive Guidance: By embracing goddess energies, we open ourselves to receiving intuitive guidance and wisdom, leading us towards paths aligned with our highest good.

🎨 Creative Expression: Connecting with goddess energies nurtures our creative spark, inspiring us to bring forth beauty and innovation in all aspects of our lives.

💖 Self-Love and Empowerment: Embracing the goddess within empowers us to love ourselves unconditionally, honoring our worth and embracing our unique qualities.

🌿 Healing and Balance: Goddess energies help us find balance and healing, nurturing our mind, body, and spirit with love and compassion.

⚡️ Divine Connection: Through embracing goddess energies, we deepen our connection to the divine universe, feeling supported, loved, and guided on our spiritual journey.

Want to find out more?

We’ll be tapping into these vibrations and energies in the ‘Wisdom Well’ – this is not ‘woo-woo’ stuff, these are the energies that have been embedded into our cultures, mythology and folklores. They’ve been there along awaiting to be re-discovered.

When you merge the mystical with the physical, that’s how you become truly embodied. You get clear on your goals and purpose, and clear on what’s important to you.

The energies of the archetypes and Goddesses provide the secret sauce to making you focus on your goals and give you the impetus to get going in life.

Join and find out more about ‘Wisdom Well’ here 👇👇👇

What’s Included in ‘Wisdom Well’?

Monthly Mindset Themes and Online Program for you to complete at your leisure.

Themes include ‘Realigning Your Compass’, ‘Get Your Glow Back’, ‘The Power of Consistency’, ‘The Wild Woman – Let Her Out’.

  • Monthly Workout Programs of Super Quick and Easy Exercise Programs Specially Designed for the Busy Woman for you to do in your own time – programs include – ‘Luna Lifting Program’, ‘Pelvic Flow – Releasing Lower Back and Pelvic Pain’, ‘Easy Weight Lifting for Women’, ‘Back to Balance’.
  • Monthly Gathering for Masterclass on Theme, Wisdom Circle and/or Breathwork/YogaNidra
  • Twice Monthly Accountability in Private Facebook Group
  • Ask me anything in Private Group Seasonal
  • Spotify Playlists to enhance practice and channel energy
  • Monthly Ritual Practice and Goddess Energy
  • Seasonal Nutrition Plan to follow to get your energy and diet on track Investment

You can join for a Season (3 Months) or a Year.

Seasonal Price – £150

Yearly Price – £450 (3 Months Free)

PLEASE NOTE – These are introductory prices and will be changing – they will never be this low again!


If you want to go all in, then do so now!!

You’ve been humble long enough, it’s time to starting Wilding!

The doors are open until 15th April – which is when we officially start and then they will not reopen until July for the Summer Season – and the price will increase.


I’m off on my holidays from 7th-14th April, kettlebells this Saturday is still on, then we restart on Monday 15th April.

See you on the other side!

Jill x


When you sign up – you get instant access to the ‘Luna Lifting Program’ (which is my super quick and super easy kettlebell course).

AND, ‘Rocket Your Intuition’ Program – which is a breathwork/spine health program.

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