Conscious Connected Breathwork

Ambience for Breathwork
Creating the right ambience for breathwork

Conscious Connected Breathe use specific breathing techniques to calm your mind. It allows participants to connect to their source and feel a sense of deep peace. Our breathwork sessions include a 15/20 min meditation with a 30 min Conscious Connected Breathe, plus a sharing circle.

Each session is led by a fully insured and qualified instructor to ensure that you are guided safely throughout the session.

What is Conscious Connected Breathwork?

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a method of using the breath to create an altered state of consciousness, where deep healing, release, spiritual insights, and states of bliss can occur. It’s a powerful process, but the breather always remains in control of their own journey and rate of breathing.

Benefits of Conscious Connected Breathwork are;

  • Breath is very detoxifying, you actually breathe out fat
  •  Increases energy
  • Calms the nervous system and reduces anxiety
  • Releases muscle tension
  •  Improves digestion
  •  Improves cardiovascular & lungs
  • Helps open up to a higher awareness
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