Absolute Beginners Foundations Workshop

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Date(s) - 25/02/2018
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Organic Pilates & Holistic Health Studios


**Absolute Beginners – Foundations of Pilates Workshop***

Sunday 25th February, 10-12pm

Are you building your castle on sand?

In this workshop we’ll be going deep…deep into the core of your body.

Learning the key principles and history of Pilates, and how to engage your foundation muscles – upon which the rest of your body can be built.

In this 2 hours we will be able to explore;

*The Neutral Spine – and why it’s the safest place for your spine to be.

*The Pelvic Floor – how to find it, and why you absolutely need it (men and women)

*The Transverse Abdominis – the body’s natural corset – who doesn’t want their’s tightening?

*How to isolate and then integrate your Inner Core with your Outer Core.

*How to create stability in the pelvis and the shoulders – this will help you to improve your neck/shoulder pain and back pain.

*Breathing – using the body’s correct breathing mechanisms.

Once you’ve completed this workshop you’ll then be able to confidently attend classes and to understand what and where to engage.


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