How to Increase Somatic Resilience

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What is Somatic Resilience?

Somatic is from the Greek ‘soma’ relating to the body, and the dictionary definition of ‘Resilience’ is the ability to overcome difficulties or the ability of an object or substance to return to original shape. Therefore ‘Somatic Resilience’ is the ability of the body to overcome difficulties and bounce back into shape.

Why is it important?

We all have ‘mini-disasters’ everyday. We lose our keys which makes us late, we’re driving to work when another car cuts in front of us, there’s no parking spaces, you get to work and a meeting has been cancelled – you know all the little things that happen to EVERYONE everyday.

All of these little things may then start to add up to create a problem.

So how can we help ourselves or others cope with these difficulties, for them not to create a problem further down the line?

Watch this video to hear my top tips for increasing ‘Somatic Intelligence’ and becoming more aware of your body and when you need to just calm yourself down.

Have a watch and let me know how you get on.

Keep working on your own resilience.

Jill x


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