‘Returning to Life’ – Finding Your Flow, Energy & Life Through Movement, Mindfulness & Meditation

Finding Your Flow
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Date(s) - 03/03/2022 - 31/03/2022
6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Organic Pilates & Holistic Health Studios


Finding Your Flow
Returning to life through movement, meditation and mobility.


‘Returning to Life’

Finding Your Flow, Energy & Life Through Movement, Mindfulness & Meditation

So it seems we’re now able to return to ‘normal’ (whatever that means), and the world is to keep on turning. However, you’ve been now working from home, or confined to a small space or maybe you’ve been recovering from an illness, that now heading out into the world seems a bit daunting.

Maybe your joints aren’t as mobile or as strong as they used to be, perhaps you’re a bit overwhelmed about it all, or maybe you just want to get into a healthy routine but you’re not sure where to start and a gym seems a bit scary? Perhaps you’re holding on to lots of tension and you’re not sure how to get rid of it.

Did you know that there are now 1 in 4 people suffering from mental health issues right now?   One of the best things to help is exercise, so moving and mobility combined with breathing and mindfulness will help improve your quality of life.

Each session will have a theme, a 30-40 min mobility session and a 20 min meditation.There will also be a 5-10min breathing session, using different breathing techniques to help energise or calm you. I’ll be teaching you how to find your flow and build your confidence to face the world. You’ll also be able to find your fitness again in a safe and friendly environment.

This is an entry level movement program, but those of you who are more advanced will still benefit from the mindfulness, breathing and meditation, as well as the freeing and releasing movements.

In the 5 weeks we’ll be exploring the following;

  1. Grounding – getting comfortable being in your body. Mobilising all of your joints and exploring the feelings of safety from within. Using techniques to help you ground and bring you back to your safe space.
  2. Space – We start to explore space and expansion in our body. We begin to explore where we are holding tension, and then focus on releasing it.
  3. Breathe – this session is all about breathing. We learn to stretch and release the diaphragm, using different movements to expand the breath and discover how the breath can support and assist us with moving.
  4. Free Your Spine – ‘you’re only as old as your spine is flexible’ said Joseph Pilates. In this beautiful session we focus all on spinal articulations, freeing the upper and lower spine and using the breath to free your spine.
  5. Release – In this final session I show you how to release your tension in your neck, shoulders and lower back using the mini ball. We release our pain, aches and ponder what pain is teaching us.

Sessions will be held in my studio or you can join online, all sessions will be recorded if you cannot make it live for you to catch up on. You’ll have access to the recording for one week.

These sessions will be perfect for beginners, returners or anyone who needs to chill out and learn how to relax.


This event is fully booked.

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