Why We Need Green In Our Lives

Why We Need Green

Hope you are enjoying this improvement in the weather. Why anyone would go away at this time or year is beyond me, the UK is stunning in May!

“Love, whose month is ever May.” Shakespeare

May is the month where we officially come out of hibernation, I really get the feeling that May is the month that wants us to feel most alive.

It’s scientifically proven that presence of greenery in our surroundings plays a fundamental role in supporting the health and well-being of our eyes and minds.

At the heart of our visual perception lies a complex interplay of photoreceptor cells, known as cones, nestled within the retina of the eye. These cones are finely attuned to detect specific wavelengths of light, with each type specialising in capturing either short (blue), medium (green), or long (red) wavelengths. In this chromatic symphony, green occupies a pivotal position, representing the optimal balance between the calming frequencies of blue and the stimulating wavelengths of red.

Thus, the presence of green in our visual field provides a soothing respite for our eyes, reducing visual fatigue and promoting a sense of relaxation and well-being.

Moreover, greenery in nature serves as a vital source of contrast and depth perception, facilitating our ability to perceive objects and navigate our environment with precision and ease. Studies have shown that exposure to green spaces enhances visual acuity and peripheral vision, sharpening our perceptual faculties and reducing the risk of eye strain and myopia—a condition increasingly prevalent in our modern, screen-centric world.

The colour green also exerts a profound influence on our psychological and physiological states. Psychologists have long recognised the therapeutic effects of green environments, which have been shown to alleviate stress, enhance mood, and promote cognitive function.

The phenomenon known as “biophilia”—our innate affinity for nature—underscores the deeply rooted connection between greenery and human well-being, a bond forged over millennia of evolution in natural landscapes.

Delving deeper into the biochemical realm, the chlorophyll-rich foliage that blankets the earth serves as a veritable powerhouse of oxygen production, fueling the cycle of life through photosynthesis.

The lush green canopy of trees and plants not only cleanses the air we breathe but also bathes our surroundings in a spectrum of life-giving hues, infusing our visual field with a vibrant palette of greens that nourishes our senses and invigorates our spirits.

Can you tell I LOVE May? 😀

Solstice Retreat Day

I have just spent the whole weekend on a ‘Plant Medicine’ course at the beautiful Dilston Physic Gardens. The gardens are a magical place full of high vibration energy. We had a fab time last year when we ran two retreat days here.

Neil and I have a lovely day planned

Sunday 16th June – 10-4pm

​Here’s the link to find out more – if you want to pay in instalments, once you get to the checkout, you’ll find a Klarna option.

Why We Need Green
Why we need to get out and look at green

Breathwork Facilitator Training

Do you want to learn more about Breathwork and its transformative powers?

Do you want to learn how to become an amazing facilitator of group breathwork sessions, 1-2-1 sessions both in-person and online?

Do you want to learn about conscious connected breathwork, functional breathing, anatomy of breath, trauma and the breath, plus the history, the spirituality and everything breath related?

Find out more here and download the course outline.

This course is an investment in yourself, your business and your life! It’s a great addition if you’re already have a coaching, sound therapy or yoga/pilates business and it so easily blends with so many modalities.


All good this week, we are rocking and rolling!

That’s all from me – see you on the mat soon!

Jill x


My ‘Wisdom Well’ crew are doing amazing. We’re adding in a ‘Nettle Cleanse and Detox’ next week, and the ‘Luna Lifting’ program is so quick and efficient that everyone is able to do it, and fit it into everyday life. We’re also holding each other accountable. The doors will be opening again next month for July start, so if you’re ready to transform then watch this space!

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