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Absolute Beginner? No problem. No time to come to classes? No problem?  We’ve got you covered with our Workshops and Courses, all held at our lovely boutique studio.

Our workshops are designed to be the correct balance between education and action, we focus on specific topics and it is your chance to delve deeper into the wonderful world of health and fitness with highly qualified instructors.  

We also have our ‘Core Club’ which is an online community, that receives regular workouts delivered directly to their phones, tablets or laptops.

Workshops include – Kettlebells beginners and intermediate, Swiss Ball, and ‘The Hog’.

Keep an eye on here and on our social media for more information and further dates.

We’ve also got our fabulous retreats, these are always guaranteed to be filled with fun and new friendships. They’re a great chance to get away from it all and chill out with people just like YOU. And you know what, you’re worth it!

Here’s the latest ones below;

Kettlebell – Beginner Strength Training with the Kettlebell

Want to increase your strength and learn how to use one of the most versatile piece of kit?

Click the link below to find out more about our incredibly popular workshop and book your space today;

Book now for Beginner Strength Training with the Kettlebell

Kettlebell Workshop
Kettlebell Workshop

Kettlebell – Intermediate Workshop

After you’ve completed the Beginner Workshop, you can progress to the Intermediate Workshop.

Click the below link to book your space;

Book no for Intermediate Kettlebell Workshop

‘The Hog’

The Hog
Jill on ‘The Hog’

‘The Hog’ is an amazingly versatile piece of kit where foam rolling meets instability training. Great for adding trigger point massage into your strength and flexibility program. Find out the latest dates and more info at the link below.

The Hog Workshop


Swiss Ball Workshop

Swiss Ball Workshop
Swiss Ball Workshop


Have you got a giant inflatable ball at home and the only thing you do is sit on it? Did you know it’s one of the best ways to increase your core strength and add variety to your gym workouts? Find out more about our 2-hr workshop where we’ll show you how to improve your balance, strength and flexibility with your ball;


***’Core Club’ Online Membership Program***

Do you struggle to get to classes at a regular time every week?

Maybe you already come to classes, but would like to continue with your practice in between, but can never remember any of the exercises?

Would you like some extra support to enable you to reach your goals?

Then our ‘Core Club’ Online Membership Program may be just the ticket. Every week you’ll receive a new workout delivered directly to your phone, iPad or laptop.

Every week you’ll receive a new workout delivered directly to your phone, iPad or laptop. As always with Jill’s workouts they’ll be fun and varied. Even if you only have 5 minutes a day, or you’re just a beginner, or maybe you’re out of action due to a sore joint – there’ll still be something for you to do.

There’ll also be nutrition plans to follow, regular challenges, motivation and support, from a group of people who are just like you!  We’re all trying to do our best for our family’s, our jobs, our dependents…and what’s the one thing that gets neglected??  Our health!

Don’t let that happen, You should be first on the list, because without your health, you can’t do any of the above.

Join our ‘Core Club‘ Today, and start making YOU the priority!

Here’s the link with the sign-up details – if you click the PayPal link, that will sort out the subscription side, then you’ll get an email from me with all the rest of the information.

Book now to join the Core Club



Click the below link to find out more about our fabulous Pilates Retreat aboard a Pirate Ship!

TC_Lizzie Adamson_Brown_Pilates_Poster

Pilates & Sailing Retreat Poster
Pilates & Sailing Retreat

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