MenoPower™ – Why I’ve Protected my Name and What I’m Going to Do With It

MenoPower™ - What does a trademark mean?


Well, I’m feeling very ‘Deborah Meaden’ this week as I became the proud owner of a trademark for ‘MenoPower™’ . Check out that little symbol ™ – so small but it means so much.

My mission is to empower women through the mid-life years and beyond, and I feel that the name encompasses that perfectly, that’s why I thought it was worth protecting.

What does this mean?

Having  a trademark is a very ‘businessy’ tool – but it means that I have a protected right to the name and no-one else can use that name for the purposes of health or education. It also means that people cannot ride on the back of my business in the same business area, something that I’ve spent many years building.

It becomes a business asset and my intellectual property.

What am I going to do with it?

Well, a while ago I wrote a program called ‘MenoPower – How to Train Like a Woman’, I’m in the process of developing this program further as I want to add a breath-work element and a strength training element to it. So, basically, I’m working on it! 😀 It’s a really good program (even if I do say so myself), so that’s why I wanted to protect the name, so when I finally release it folks will know that they’re getting the correct program.


So, gang, watch this space as I become the next queen of the ‘Dragon’s Den’.


Jill x


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