Beginner’s Kettlebell Workshop

Beginner's Kettlebell Workshop

**It’s World Osteoporosis Day Today**

Did you know that bone health is the number one reason women over the age of 45 are hospitalised? More than diabetes, breast cancer and heart problems?
Although we can’t see them, our bones are our foundations and they need to be looked after and kept nice and strong.
THE BEST way to strengthen your bones is to weight train, and in our 2-hour live workshop we’ll show you how.
-18 of the basic exercises to build healthy bones and muscles
-Correct technique and form are essential – we’ll make sure you know how it’s done
– We’ll show you how to build your own program – you can start with as little as 5 mins
And, we’ll have all the craic from Jill & Dan’s podcast 😃
Want to join us – there’s an Earlybird price on until 30th Oct – your ticket includes the live session (can be joined via Zoom), all the training videos so that you can go over each exercise, a worksheet and a full recording of the session to keep forever.
If you’ve already been on one of our kettlebell workshops and would like to do it again, get in touch and I’ll see what we can do.
Let’s do it!
Jill x

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