It’s the Little Things

Sacred Geometry Lighting

“The smallest thing its rightful place can lead to the highest goals” Rudolph Steiner

That’s how we start a Monday morning – with a good quote!

Well, today I’m starting with a lovely group of women on a 4-Week healthy habits, reducing menopause symptoms and getting the smallest things in order to create the highest goals. We’re starting today and focusing this week on getting the foundations in place, if we can stick to these foundations then we are trucking on blitzing the belly, harmonising the hormones and regaining the radiance.

We’re going for glow!

I have tried and tested my trusty formulae for getting folks back on track, and it works! So I’m looking forward to seeing how this crew get on, also I’m including a bonus breathwork session for them. There is no other program, as far as I’m aware, like this one.

There’s still time to sneak in, if you message me quickly.

This weekend at the studio we had a lovely women’s circle ran by Dawn, it was a magical session of meditation, shamanic journeying, kundalini yoga and cacao ceremony – there was lots going on. It was a beautiful session, there’s nothing more powerful than a group of women with intent!

Dawn will be running some more sessions, so watch this space.


These sessions are proving super popular, and I love running them at the studio – actually, it would be fair to say, I’m obsessed with them :D. The next one on the 9th March is full, here’s the dates and links for the upcoming ones.

30th March – one space left



Are all super busy – which is great to see. Remember I have a 24 hour cancellation policy for all studio classes, and you need to be booked onto online classes at least 2 hours before the class starts (or I may not have my laptop with me).

Clothing Range

My new clothing range is proving very popular – as a legging obsessed person, my ones are AMAZING, as good as ‘you know who’ and a fraction of the cost. You can find the full range here.


This week Dan and I discuss the things we can’t live without. There are obvious things like oxygen, shelter and family, but that would make for a pretty mundane conversation! So instead we are talking about more materialistic, quirky things which we use regularly and make life that little bit more enjoyable. Listen in to find out what items make our lists, there might be some surprises. But what isn’t surprising is the usual tangents and off piste topics which inevitably come up, this week it’s Sacred Geometry, Portals and Aboriginals.

Let us know what items would be on your list. Also available on Audible, Ask Alexa, itunes, Spotify – all the usual spots.

Ok folks, that’s it for now – lots going on. Eeeh it’s March – yey – I’m feeling that spring is in the air.

See you on the mat soon, thank you for all of your support.

Jill x

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