Calling All Hot Women

Pilates for Menopause

Are you a HOT woman? Or maybe you’re a cold one?

Temperature fluctuations are common in women who are experiencing hormonal fluctuations. They are called ‘Vasomotor Symptoms’ and up to 75% of women experience them at some point during peri to post menopause, and for 17% of women they continue well past their menopause.

It’s not known exactly what triggers them, but sudden drops in oestrogen are thought to be a main culprit which affects the part of the brain that controls temperature. They can be very uncomfortable and embarrassing.

In a survey of over 17,000 women, they found that losing just 10% of their body weight resulted in significantly fewer or complete end to hot flushes. Now, that’s pretty awesome info – if you are suffering with hot flushes, or night sweats, work out what 10% of your bodyweight is, and aim to lose that amount – you’ll probably find that it’s a fairly achieveable amount.

If you need some help with your lifestyle around your menopausal symptoms, and are unsure where to start, then I can help you. Next Monday (28th) I’m starting another 4 week online program called ‘Pilates for Menopause’ – we’ll be discussing all things symptoms, nutrition, stress, hormones, motivation, hydration and much more.

Each week you will receive 2 x targeted workouts/masterclasses to help with common menopause symptoms such as – neck and shoulder pain relief, pelvic tension releaser, pelvic floor strengthening, bone health, knee strengthening – all areas that women need to be focusing on.

Plus you’ll receive a weekly focus masterclass presentation – menopause symptoms and simple lifestyle changes that will help, nutrition – myth busting and what to focus on, sleep and stress, how to stay consistent.

Over the 4 weeks we’ll be working on getting those healthy habits down, so that every day you implement small changes that will last long term and make huge differences. Plus we’re coming from a place of love and appreciation of our body and the changes that it’s going through.

This is also suitable for post menopausal women too – as bone health, muscle health and brain health become more important at this stage.

Here’s some feedback from the last one;

“I’ve found it such a positive experience. My water bottle goes everywhere with me ( I never thought I could drink so much water)!!! And i’ve loved all the nutrition info and advice, reducing sugar especially I feel has made a difference to me. I’m definitely not as bloated, which makes feel so much better in myself.” Catherine

This programme has been fantastic! I have lost 8lb 13oz and my bloating has gone. I can see my feet again . I have stopped my bad eating habits and gone back to clean eating and drinking far more water. My skin is looking fab and I feel so much better. Jill Robinson, your support and encouragement has truly helped me.” Paula

So, if you want to see you feet again 😉 – then please join up at this link.

Have a great week everyone.

Jill x

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