‘Choose Your Hard’ – My Favourite Quote

Choose Your Hard

“Choose Your Hard”

One of my favourite quotes I choose to exercise, eat healthy, drink lots of water, remove alcohol – because I know if I don’t those things then I have joint pain, headaches, can’t sleep, hot flushes….the list goes on.

I stop practicing Pilates for one week and my knee pain returns, my hips start to ache and I feel like I need to dash for a wee every 5 mins.

Doing the things that prevent the pain may look hard from the outside, or look like I’ve got loads of discipline (I really don’t!). But doing those things is my recipe for stopping the painful joints and menopause symptoms- it’s a choice. It’s actually a lot harder not to do those things, in my opinion.

Menopausal symptoms are common but they’re not normal.

Your body isn’t the same as it was 20, even 10 years ago, you can’t keep doing the same things and expecting different results. Choose your hard – carry on as normal, or start making a few tweaks to your lifestyle and seeing what a difference it can make.

So, in an effort to help I’m creating a space for peri to post menopausal women (sorry men, but I’m sure you would rather not be amongst hormonal women), for us to connect, do a bit of movement and a mini-Breathwork session. All women welcome whether you’re in the throws of menopause, through menopause or just beginning to feel a few of the tentacles of change.

These will be held on a Sunday evening at 6pm, they will be free to begin with, while I see how they go and how well they are received, and then we may move onto a small donation as/if we move forward with them. I plan to start on Sunday 11th Sept.

If you’re interested I’ve created a sign up link here, and I’ll be in touch with Zoom links closer to the time.

Soothing Sundays

I got this idea this week when talking to a client who has long term chronic back pain. There’s loads of research around chronic pain and gentle movement and breathing exercises. But when you are in chronic pain, you are often too scared to move incase you do the wrong thing.

These sessions will be for anyone who just wants to come along and do gentle mobility, stretching and some deep Breathwork. We’ll be releasing, tuning into our bodies and just moving in a very slow and gentle way.

They’ll also be great if you just need some ‘me’ time on a Sunday morning, or you want to get back into exercise after an injury or condition.

The first one will be on Sunday 18th Sept, £35 – here’s the link to book.



I am currently having a nightmare with links from social media to my website (I’m hoping that the above ones are working ok).

My website is fine, but the links from Facebook and Insta are being hijacked by some sort of spam. If you find this happens, please can you let me know.

If you want to book anything and can’t get onto my website just message or email me, and I’ll book you on the old fashioned way.

If you type my web address straight into your browser it should work – it’s just the links.

Next Breathwork Session in Studio

We’re working on living in abundance – this is a fab theme to breathe in to, as it raises self-esteem and confidence.

Get booked on here (if link doesn’t work – go to my website, on the front page is a ‘book now’ for the latest Breathwork session).


We’re taking a little break over the summer. So it’s a great time for you to catch up on our old episodes. Here’s the link.


All back on this week. Thank you for continuing throughout August – classes last week were quite busy. Let’s keep on keeping on.

That’s all for now.

Jill x


The Posture Project is now available as an online course – you can join it here


I’m currently arranging my birthday/Christmas night out. As it’s a rather, ahem special birthday this year…. Saturday 22nd Oct, meal out in Newcastle, followed by the ‘Halloween Special’, at ‘The Boulevard’ in Newcastle. Tickets £38 for show. Let me know if you’d like to come along.

Choose Your Hard
My favourite quote – ‘Choose Your Hard’

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