They All Thought Noah Was Crazy…

Wisdom Well

..Until It Started To Rain!

Throughout my life I’ve always been called ‘crazy’/’weird’/’a witch’ probably because I’ve been doing stuff that’s not mainstream for many years. Things like sleeping on an Earthing sheet, reading tarot, drinking vinegar, hugging trees, moon gazing, taking mushroom supplements, clearing the toxins out of house and body.

But…now I’m in my 50’s I haven’t got any of the aches and pains that my friends seem to have, I don’t suffer from hot flushes, night sweats nor do I ever diet or do things like calorie counting.

Yet, I’m fitter, stronger and feeling great, much more than I did in my 30’s.

And, the way that I’ve done it, is by getting closer to nature and totally listening to my body and intuition, and gradually removing everything that wasn’t in alignment.

I believe that we’ve got a massive disconnect going on, especially us women. We’re disconnected from nature, from ourselves, from our wisdom. My job is to get you reconnected, like a cosmic electrician :D, and that’s why I’m launching the Wisdom Well in the New Year.

The Wisdom Well will be a portal of reconnection, accountability and community. Combining the mystical and the physical, the MystiPhysical (I invented a new word for it).

Once I’ve got it all set up on my website, I’ll let you all know further info.


Soothing Your Pain through Sound, Breath, Meditation and Gentle Movement

Our brand new program starting in January, combining gentle movements, meditations and sound to help ease your pain. Find out more and book at the below link – Earlybird offer currently on.


**Only 2 x spaces left**

‘Winter Solstice Party’ which will be held on 29th December. Neil and I will be combining sound, dance, breathwork and lots more to bring you some much needed chill time during the festive season.

Book Your Space Here


Classes will continue to run up to and including 19th December (as long as there is minimum 5 people booked on), then we will reopen on Thursday 4th January. Website is now updated.

‘The Embodied Core’

Thank you everyone for buying my book, I just passed 100 sales!!

You can get my book now either direct from my website or via Amazon – heres the link for further info and to buy. The price of the book will be increasing in January – so make sure you get your copy ASAP.

If you’ve enjoyed it, don’t forget to leave a 5* review on Amazon, it would be much appreciated.

If you’ve not got your copy yet – why not? 😀

See you all on the mat!

Jill x

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