Summer Solstice Breathwork Workshop

Summer Solstice Breathwork Workshop

The longest day

Summer Solstice Breathwork Workshop
Summer Solstice Breathwork Workshop

of the year, a highly charged time energetically, one that has been worshipped for a millennia. This is a powerful time for manifestation and allowing us to be guided by the light, and find meaning on our journey. A time to squash the darkness within and align to our true life purpose. The sun reminds us that we will rise no matter what, and bringing our consciousness to this time we can honour our bodies, shift old energies and align our energetic intentions which will last until the autumn equinox.

We’ll be using crystals and oils to help us on our Breathwork journey. We’ll breathe together into the power of our intentions and what we want to manifest for the coming months.

Want to join us? Here’s the link to book.

Exciting news!

Dawn and I are going to be hosting a ‘Charity Breathwork Session’ on Saturday 18th June, at ‘Active Life @Coxhoe’, 1-3pm. It’s going to be a fabulous event where we’ll gather, breath and raise our vibration all for a good cause (‘Henry Dancer Days’ a local childhood cancer charity’).

It’s going to be a fab, fun and uplifting afternoon all for a great cause. So if you’d like to book your space, it’s only £5 and then you can donate whatever you wish to the cause.

Here’s the link to book with all the details

Have a great weekend everyone!

Jill x

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