Breathing a Collective Sigh of Relief – Are You Ready to Chill?

Breathwork Session in the Studio

We’ve been living through some pretty weird times lately – it’s like a rollercoaster of energy, just when one thing seems to have passed another is appearing on the horizon or out of the blue to hit us.

But, that is just life. It reminds me of a story from a long time ago, a King in a land gathered together his wise men (and women – I presume!), and asked them to come up with a phrase that he could use at any occasion and it would be relevant.

After many deliberations and after many years, a wise man went to the king and said he’d found what he was looking for, in four words. And, those words were;

‘This too shall pass’

I keep finding myself saying these words, as they are so relevant today as they were then.

And…if you want to absolutely chill out and get into a deep state of relaxation, then I would highly recommend my next Studio Breathwork Session….

Deep Chill – Group Breathwork Session – 9th October 6-7.30pm

Do you ever feel that you just need some time out of your life?

Do you feel restricted and can’t quite get to grips with why, and what’s holding you back?

Are you ready to feel into expansion and a deeply relaxed state?

Then this ‘Deep Chill’ Breathwork session is for you. We will be doing some lovely releasing movements so that you can optimise your breath, then we’ll be doing a Conscious Connected Breathwork session to allow you to flow into the present, expand your awareness and help you to relax fully in your body.

We’re going full on relaxation body, mind and soul for this session!

Click Here to Book

I love the dark night breathing sessions in the studio – candles, blankets – very atmospheric and deeply calming.

Free Online Breathwork for Mid-Life Women

I strongly feel that all mid-life, peri to post menopausal women should be having some sort of Breathwork practice. I know how powerful it’s been for me, and I want you all to feel the benefits of it. So, as a way of introduction to it, I’m offering free Online Breathwork sessions on a Sunday evening at 6pm.

They’re a place for us to gather, honour our journeys as women, and breathe together. We’ll set our intentions for the week ahead, before the week ahead sets its intention for us. It’s just a space to tap into ourselves and focus on what we really need and want. They’re only for half an hour, so they’re focused and compact (just what us busy women need).

If you’re interested I’ve created a sign up link here, and you’ll receive an email with the zoom details.

I’ll be running these every Sunday evening (apart from 9th Oct when I’m running the studio session as per above), we’re on a 6 week to see how they go. If you’re able to come along and try it out please do join us.

That’s all for now.

Jill x


The Posture Project is now available as an online course –you can join it here

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