Must Be The Season of the Witch – Part 1

Must be the Season of the Witch




Yesterday on my social media I was musing over whether or not I was a witch, and the archetype of the witch (which incidentally men can have too). If you did not read it then the links for my Facebook and Instagram are below.

But, basically, the witch archetype is symbolic of the divine feminine, someone who lives their lives in flow, not constrained by societal norms. Liberated and free. Able to connect to nature and the rhythms of our bodies and the planet/moon on a deep level. They are the medicine women, crone, wise women, midwives from history. It’s not about casting spells and walking around in pointy hats (although I am partial to a bit of that too!).

If this archetype triggers you in any way (and lets face it, it has triggered many people throughout history!), then maybe you need to explore that, perhaps you’re actually yearning for this freedom yourself but feel confined?

Today, I want to talk about what it feels like to be disconnected from your feminine or inner witch. This is the energy that has been suppressed, it’s been put in the darkness – hidden from society for fear of persecution (the witch wound is real – I carry a hefty one around).

Feeling unconnected or out of touch with one’s feminine energy can vary, and the experience may manifest differently depending on individual circumstances and perspectives. Some individuals may not identify strongly with traditional gender-associated energies, while others may feel a disconnect due to societal expectations, personal experiences, or a lack of self-awareness.

Here are some possible feelings or experiences associated with feeling unconnected to feminine energy:

  1. Emotional Disconnect: Some people may feel emotionally detached or distant from their own feelings and emotions. They might struggle to express or understand their emotions fully.
  2. Lack of Intuition: Feeling disconnected from feminine energy might lead to a sense of disconnection from one’s intuition and inner wisdom. This can result in difficulty making decisions based on gut feelings.
  3. Difficulty Nurturing Others: Those who are disconnected from feminine energy might find it challenging to nurture or care for others emotionally. They may struggle to provide emotional support and comfort.
  4. Creative Block: A disconnect from feminine energy can sometimes manifest as creative blockages, where individuals find it difficult to tap into their creative and artistic sides.
  5. Rigidity: Some people may become rigid and inflexible in their thinking and actions when disconnected from feminine energy, as they prioritise logical and structured approaches.
  6. Difficulty Receiving: Being unconnected to feminine energy can make it challenging to receive love, support, and care from others. Some individuals may feel unworthy or uncomfortable with being nurtured by others.
  7. Lack of Empathy: Empathy and understanding of others’ feelings may be diminished when disconnected from feminine energy, leading to challenges in building empathetic relationships.
  8. Stress and Burnout: The inability to embrace self-care and prioritise one’s own needs can lead to stress and burnout, as individuals may neglect their well-being.

Next time I’m going to talk about how to connect more to your inner witch, and how we can all benefit from her. But if you’re feeling any of the above then make sure you maybe explore a little around the edges of the feminine energy.

Invite her in with love and grace. Ask her to gently guide you. She’s there, just waiting for you.


Kettlebell Class is cancelled this Saturday, as I’m up at Slaley running my luxury retreat. Hmmm wonder what our theme is going to be 😀


29th Oct, 4-7pm – All Hallow’s Eve Gathering – Welcome the Ancestors

Dawn (from Shamanic Rebirth) and I are running another of our popular Gatherings, where we’ll be drumming, breathing and dancing amongst other things. Our theme is ancestral – this is a time when our ancestors are close, we’ll be inviting them in and gaining from their wisdom.

Here’s the link to book

2nd Nov – Breathing Into Menopause

My next studio Breathwork session is all about how we can use the breath to help with symptoms of menopause such as hot flushes, bloating, brain fog and sleep issues.

We’ll then be going deep with a conscious connected breathwork to ask our bodies and our deep wisdom – what is it that we actually need?

Link to book below

**Please note both of these events are on Earlybird until 20th Oct, and they’re both selling fast. There’s only a couple of spaces left for both of them.**

‘The Embodied Core’ Book

I’m hoping to get my book released by the end of this month – arghhhh. There’s still some elements that I need to work on in terms of marketing etc. But it is imminent!

Ok, that’s all from me this week. Do keep in touch.

See you on the mat!

Jill x


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