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Breathwork Sessions

When I first began my Breathwork Facilitators course I was doing it for my own learning and obsession with the breath, I didn’t have a plan of how or if I would teach it. Little did I know how much it was going to transform my life and business!

Last night we had THE most amazing session, there were tears, revelations and downloads like you would not imagine. I don’t know anything else that can create such a response so quickly.

I’ve been testing the water with Breathwork to see if folks liked it, and the overwhelming response is ‘YES’! The feedback that I receive from it is just out of this world (rather like practicing Breathwork).

As part of my graduation project I’ve written a Free Ebook for you to download which will explain everything that goes on in a Breathwork session, what to expect, some breathing exercises for you to try and some cool science around Breathwork.

You can download it by clicking the below picture, and it will sign you up for my brand new monthly Breathwork newsletter.

I’ve also got around to adding all the dates for the next Breathwork Sessions onto my website up until July.

So here are the booking links for all of them;

18th May –Book Here

8th June – Book Here

22nd June – Book Here

6th July – Book Here

20th July – Book Here

The sessions will be ran by either me or Dawn (or both of us). There’s a strict 48 hour cancellation notice required for all sessions.


Free Ebook
Download Jill’s Free Ebook Here

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