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Well it’s been a busy week for me, I’ve got lots of things going on behind the scenes. But, it’s all starting to come together and I’m super excited to start sharing things with you.

‘The Embodied Core’ – My Book!

Whaaa – well I know that I’ve been promising this for weeks – but it really does take a while to get everything working and all the cogs in the right places. Also as I’ve published this all myself without a Publishing house, it’s been a learning curve, but I think I’ve cracked it all.

BUT…I’m now set for a release date of 11th November, which is next Saturday!

You can sign up for a Earlybird price at my waiting list HERE.

Breathwork Events

Due to the storm hitting us on Thursday, my ‘Breathing in Menopause’ session got postponed as the roads were really bad. Therefore I’ve rescheduled it to Wednesday 15th November.

If you’d like to join us, and learn about how the breath really can help with menopause symptoms then here is the link.

‘Build Your Energy’ Breathwork Session – I’m chuffed to be hosting the ‘Breathing Space Northern Retreat’ at my studio again this year. It was fab last year. This is a retreat for trainee facilitators. On the final day I am going to run a Breathwork session for the trainees to practice holding the space, touch, etc. This will be open to the public – so if you’d like to come along then here’s the link to book.

It’s on Sunday 19th November, 10.30am-12pm.

This session is at a reduced price, but it will be me running the session. It’s a great opportunity for you to give Breathwork a go if you’ve never tried it before. The feedback from last year’s session was amazing.

FREE Online Breathworks

Every other Sunday I either host or run a free online Breathwork session. Today one of my fab trainee facilitators, Julie, is running the session. 4pm online via zoom.

Here’s the link to sign up.


Classes are always busy, if you’re hoping to start in January please don’t leave it too late as I make sure that my regulars can always get in. NOW is the time to start as I can’t guarantee that there’ll be any spaces in January.

There will be no classes on Tuesday 12th November – as I’m away at the theatre.

Remember you can join any of my classes (apart from Barre) online – just book as normal on my website and message me to bring my laptop :D.

Ok – that’s all from me. Have a lovely Sunday.

See you on the mat!

Jill x


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