What Are Your Non-Negotiables? Plus Lots of Events and New Online Program

What Are Your Non-Negotiable?

What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

We had an interesting discussion on Social Media On Sunday

Here is what I wrote;

‘The world is changed by your example, not your opinion.’

That’s my quote of the day, I embody my work and practice what I preach. I do teach some weird stuff (well, according to what mainstream would have us believe, anyway).

I am an embodiment of my practices. My non-negotiable’s are as follows;

✨Brisk walk everyday at least 30 mins in all weathers

????Weight training every week

???? No alcohol

???? At least 7-8 hours sleep

???? Eat healthy most of time (apart from chocolate- love chocolate!)

???? Drink 2 litres every day

????‍♀️ Breathwork or meditation every day

???? Dance every day and listen to loud music

???? Drink apple cider vinegar everyday

????️ Journal everyday and write

???? Read every day

???? Have a long bath whenever I can

???? Daily affirmations in the shower

It sounds like a lot, but it isn’t. I have routines and rituals, and boundaries! Boundaries are so important to a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, I’ve got two teenage boys, two Labradors, I run my own business- it’s not like i’m not busy. But they all understand that when mama bear is happy, it’s better for them ????.

I need a high vibration to do my job ????

What are your non negotiable’s for your well being? Have you got any, or are you dragged from pillar to post?

Start writing your non-negotiable’s today, and put your boundaries down around them – see how your life will change!

How does that sound to you? It’s got everyone thinking – let me know what you think (I also have more that I haven’t put on the list, as they might sound too weird! :D).


I’ve got so much going on atm – but I’m loving it! I’d hate to be sat twiddling my thumbs!

Breathworks Online

Sunday, 4pm – I am running a Free Online Breathwork Session for ‘Make Some Breathing Space’ my Breathwork School – it’s going to be a ‘Heart Coherence’ Breath. The session with last one hour, via Zoom. You need to register before you join, you can register here.

I’ll be regularly running and hosting this event, so don’t worry if you can’t make this week.

Breathworks In The Studio

We had a gorgeous ‘Sleep’ Breathwork in the studio last week, I’d done loads of research about the best breathing practices for sleep and some top tips too.

The next studio session with spaces currently available is 19th April (the March one has sold out), you can book the April one here.


It’s so great to see so many of you wanting to get fit and healthy. Please remember to book all classes via my website. Also, all classes are running next week (half-term). I will be taking a week off in April – 3rd to 11th April – I will update the website when I get a minute.

Breathe Life Into Your Business

I’m super excited to be running this special half day retreat with the lovely Tess from ‘Accelerator Coaching’ on 8th March, we’re going to Cresswell, which is one of my favourite places in the world. So, if you have your own business and need some time out for you, then book here and join us for a fabulous time.

Dancing With Dragons – Gathering with Jill & Dawn –

11th March 4-7pm

In celebration of the Spring Equinox, Dawn and Jill are planning another of their ‘Gathering’ Extravaganza’s!!

We meet together in circle, we connect with a powerful Cacao Ceremony, we move and stretch, we breathe and journey, then we dance with DJ Jill on the decks!

These ‘Gatherings’ are fun, deep, and full of surprises. You’ll leave feeling revitalised, connected back into yourself and full of energy.

Get Booked On Here


MID-SECTION MELTDOWN! Online Healthy Habits, Fat loss, Fitness and Motivation – 4-Week Online Program.

It’s almost March, summer is just around the corner, and your health lifestyle promises of the New Year are maybe in need of a bit of a boost?

Fear Not!

4-Weeks of fitness, food and fun!

‘First time in my life I feel I’m not on a diet’

It’s been a VERY long grey winter, and now the sun in shining and summer is just around the corner. I’m looking for ladies who want to decrease the bloat, blitz the bellyfat and regain their glow in time for the summer holidays.

I’ll be using my tried and tested techniques to get your mindset in the right place, we’ll be doing fun workouts and eating REAL foods.

My 4-Week Program will help you by providing;

*4-weeks of Online Coaching and Mentoring

*Getting your goals in place, and focusing on what’s achievable

*Mid-Section Melt Nutrition Plan

*Online quick workouts that you can access anytime when’s right for you

*Core Blaster workout videos to target the classic problem areas

*Mini challenges and regular support in a private Facebook Group

*Support and motivation from other like-minded ladies

SPECIAL BONUS – Online Breathwork Session, focusing on intentions and releasing what is no longer serving you.

I’ll also be teaching you some more unusual methods (that I practice on myself) to help you tone, tighten and get you in feeling like your old self again.

Sound good?

‘I love the psychology behind all of this’

We begin on 6th March – so if you want to begin your healthy lifestyle, get booked on right away.

You will need – a kettlebell or dumbbells, and resistance bands and access to Facebook as this will be an online program.

These programs are always popular so get booked on quickly!

Sound Baths

The guys from ‘The Soul Sound Spirit’ are also running regular sound baths and events from the studio, .

Ok, that’s me all done for the week. Please remember to keep in touch via the socials see below.

See you on the mat.

Jill x


Full Moon DJ Mix is below!

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